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The first and the last ghetto

Segnaliamo questo interessante evento organizzato dal Consolato Italiano a Shanghai il 24 e 25 Febbraio:


Venice and Shanghai: the first and the last Ghetto

Venice is deservedly famous for its incomparable beauty and history that have long been the source of legend and inspiration. Less known is the fact that, for centuries, Venice was also a focal point of Jewish life and culture and it gave the world the name and concept of 'Ghetto'. As the Ghetto approaches its 500th anniversary in 2016, this lecture will illustrate the main events of five centuries of history and offer a look at the present of the Ghetto. (Prof. Shaul Bassi, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

Although Tilanqiao District has been listed as Shanghai Historic Cultural District since 2003, it is rarely receiving attention as such. As a living heritage, the question of how to benefit the local community with sustainable development while maintaining the features of heritage still remains an obstacle and a challenge for heritage conservators. In order to solve this, it is necessary to first study the diverse cultures of Tilanqiao District, evaluate its heritage value, and then set clear conservation goals and directions (Prof. Du XiaoFan, Fudan University)

Moderator: Prof. Cao Yongkang (Director of International Research Center for Architectural Heritage Conservation in Shanghai JiaoTong University)

Language: English

Time/ 时间:2016.02.24, Wednesday/ 周三, 14.00-15:30

Venue/ 地点:New Upper Hall - S201 , Shanghai Jiaotong University, N.1954 Huashan Road

上海市华山路1954号,上海交通大学新上院 S201 教室

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